For those of who have been loyally reading the blogs you’ll have been staring at what appeared to be an almost dead page.

Did the world fall apart?   Did Starbucks run out of Coffee?   Did “The Kraken” get tamed?

All valid questions.  Normally I find I blog and twitter like a madman.  As thoughts flow in my head, they get dumped out.  

So what happened?  An amazing and INCREDIBLY cool month!  Of course a busy one to boot at work.

First off, the month started off with a bang, as many of you are aware; I was nominated and received the Microsoft MVP award for Windows Powershell.   That just sent me spinning!  I was floored.  Smiling like and idiot, beaming everywhere at strangers for no reason.

Getting funny looks from my co-workers.

Then of course during the entire month of April was EVENT after EVENT after EVENT!  Energize IT 2010 occured here in Toronto as well as the normal ITPro Toronto meetings.  Tap that into my normal 15 hour day of work and commute and my schedule over floweth!

But then another piece surfaced.  I needed my passport!  A good friend advised me to sort that out since (in his words) “It would be a shame if you had to refuse presenting somewhere really cool just because of that”

Yes, a new passion lit inside of me.  For some silly reason, I now LIKE to present!  Standing in front of a crowd to see if they pull me off the stage.

So my passport needed to be renewed.  Something I haven’t done in … well a long enough time that it was a headache.   It took several booked appointments, finding the right paperwork and isolation from work without my cell phone during that time.

It is done.  Sorted out.  Which means I can now go to the one conference I have been waiting FOREVER to go to.  Microsoft TechEd 2010!  People thought I was “over the top” with Techdays here in Canada?  You’ve not seen nuthin’!

The month of April has quieted down and the following year is about to tear loose 🙂

So what does this all mean?   The Energized Tech is back and you know what that means.  I’m out, and it’s time to…

“Release the Kraken”

The Energized Tech