This might be old news, but I don’t think so.  I wandered into the Local Future Shop here in Canada.

$499.   The numbers stared out making me blink twice.

Multitouch Monitors from Acer approximately 22” are OUT and READY for Windows 7.  

I don’t mean a WHOLE computer.  I mean better.

Take your EXISTING computer, add Windows 7 to it (unless you already have it) and Just buy ONE single 22” display to replace your existing monitor.


You now have a MultiTouch PC.  An AFFORDABLE MultiTouch computer.  Built the way you like it.

Running an office?  Like to spice up the Front Desk?  Throw a MultiTouch display in there to catch the attention of your clientelle.   This is no longer StarTrek technology, this is no longer out of of reach or untouchable.

In fact it is VERY touchable both in physical contact and Price range.

$500?  HELL YES! I’m getting one next check!  SCREW RENT! 🙂

The Energized Tech