I had friend call up.  A guy who REALLY knows his stuff.
Occasionally I fall down and prostrate before him for fun.
Anyhow, he went to pass some parameters to a batch file.  And no matter WHAT he did a blank space went at the end.
Yes, a Single @#$#@?@!?!?!@$ Blank space!
The code was correct.   It was flawless, it was perfection.
But this @#%#@?!!#$?#@! Blank space kept appearing in the content.
So he calls and asks, just cuz.
I look at the phone like he’s an idiot (which he isn’t).
I type the code manually on my side.  Nope doesn’t do it.  He emails me a copy of this ORDINARY Cmd prompt Batch file.
And EVERY #-%!-$ you run it, the mysterious "Blank Space" appeared, teasing and taunting us like a foul beast.   So I’m online digging up for glitches, undocumented features, bugs and he calls back
"ARRRRR!!!!! Ye know what is was ? Arrrrr!" (He says all piratey for know reason….  None that I could see.
"ARRRRRRrr!!!! ‘Twas the Wicked White Space come to haunt me to my grave! Arrrr!!"
White space?
For those of use that remember "DOS" White space is Technically a character that EXISTS within the ASCII set but does not translate on the screen.  And yes, like it’s name it IS a space.
And how do you kill that foul beast?   Well not with Notepad since it actually will live and HIDE in Notepad (being that it is a valid ASCII character.  It will hide like a Scorpion ready to strike you down.
What’s the fix?
"Arrrrrr!" My Frozen Piratey Hardware BetaTesting Friend"Arrrrr ye have t’ Use Notepad++, show’s the wee creatures! Turn on "View, Show Symbol, Show all Characters" Then ye trap ’em and SQUISH ‘EM and ERASE them from the EARTH!! Aharrrr! Ahar arharrrrr!!!"
I see.
And so True enough.  Reexamining his Poison batch file revealed those dastardly hidden white spaces.
So remember this, if the non sensible happens?   Look at the Text file from different software.
Or errrr…… just "Voluntold" somebody to type it in clean 🙂
The Energized Tech
"White Space Free since 1984!"