Are you a Developer?  Interested in Code?  Do you Live Sleep and BREATHE in nothing but Binary?

Do you friends find you huddled in a corner of the house drooling over the latest .NET libraries?

Do you REALLY have to think hard about whether to spent your money on a new compiler or your wife?

Did you DROOL all over the table when somebody said “AZURE”?

If this sounds like you, you REALLY need to sign up for the Toronto Code Camp!

It’s a Free All day event held on a SATURDAY!  A Perfect excuse to leave your wife and kids behind


“…I’m sorry honey… *sniff* … but I HAVE to go for Training … *sniff*…”


Details are STILL up in the air for what sessions will be there but it’s GUARANTEED to make Developers ‘W00000T!’ and ITPros run in terror.  (Unless they Script in Powershell, in which case they might only cringe)


CODE has never been this fun!



Watch for Details on

Be there or ADMIT you know how to calculate SUBNET Masks!

Saturday May 1st 2010 – BRING on the DATA BONDAGE!