The time has now come at last.  The OIympics are over and it is now the time for the REAL games to begin! the Scripting Games!

From April 26th 2010 to May 7th 2010 the Action will ERUPT and fire across the planet!

What is it about?

Do you fancy yourself a scripter?  Does the very thought of typing a GET-CHILDITEM for fun make you giddy?   Does Automation of the systems through the Power of Command level prompts drive your day?  Does YOUR Better half find you hiding in the back corner of the corner of kitchen writing out vbScript on the back of the garbage can?


Then the time is now for YOU to show your gusto.  To launch your abilities and test just how MIGHTY of a scripter YOU are!  The Chance to battle ONE on MANY (or just to test yourself) with Scripters across the planet Wielding Powershell and vbScript as their axes battling profusely to be the VICTOR!


There are total of Twenty Events in the 2010 Scripting Games.  10 Beginner and 10 Advanced.  Events are hosted on Poshcode, the repository where only the GREATEST of scripts lay.


There are also plenty of online resource available to YOU to be the BEST that YOU can be in The Games!

Want to follow in the action?  Keep your eyes on the Hashtag #2010SG for details and action as the data flies out and the action tears loose!

And you can Support the 2010 Scripting Games FREE of charge by going to and choosing one of TWO excellent Avatar pins for the games!

So engage now!  Watch , The Scripting Guys on Technet and your many Community Websites INCLUDING for further details! 

Keep your eyes on the web, your fingers locked on the keyboard and the GUI tucked away in the drawer.

For the 2010 Scripting Games and coming soon!