As anybody knows me, I consider myself a “Scripter”, a creature not quite ITPro nor Dev and as such, a halfling from both words.

In short, I a “computer Hobbit”.

Scripters work in a world of Automation, in an attempt to make their jobs more efficient by PROGRAMMING repeated tasks rather than “click click clicking away” into Tedium Hell.

When you step into the world of Scripting and Automation you will probably find one solution you’re comfortable with, whether it be Powershell, vbScript, Group Policy or even the venerable and Classic Command prompt.

And you may (Like I did) have a tendency of Guardedly sticking to ONLY ONE solution and doggedly refusing to look at other options no matter what happens.

But the thing to keep in mind, why did you get into Automation?  Was it to make your job more difficult? Of course not!

So, when DO you look at other solutions?

Honestly it’s a little combination of “What are you comfortable with”,“Just how much time *DO* you want to spend at it” and “Are you spending the extra time to LEARN for fun or just out of dogged frustration”

I am reasonably certain that if you sat down, dug through the internet, you might find a solution for just about everything you can in Powershell (not all but just about) within a Command Prompt.   You could also go completely bonkers trying to ensure everything works via vbScript.   Or you could go Powershell nuts and try to become a .NET developer overnight and do everything in oneliners.


But in this mad process, you often overlook some excellent and very obvious solutions.  And there are situations where you can leverage multiple solutions against each other.


So here’s what I do.  I have one “Axe”, one solution I am comfortable with. Powershell.  I LOVE working with Powershell.  If it feels enjoyable to find a solution in Powershell because it’s fun or challenging, I’ll do it without question.


However again, there are tons of prebuilt Command prompt applications, Group Policies and vbScripts I can leverage.   For me, sometimes I’ll try to see if there is a WMI solution already existing in vbScript and try to port that to Powershell.   There are situations that NETSH makes far more sense than reading the registry to get an IP address along with many other built in goodies.   Using GPO makes more sense many times to deploy or remove rather than running from logon script.

My overall opinion is this.   Learn. 

Learn what makes YOU more productive.  Don’t tie yourself into a box saying “I can’t” because your “main Axe” doesn’t easily do it.  Don’t be afraid to see if there are more than two solutions to a problem (There often are).  Sometimes in learning a different solution as well, you may find a way to produce the answer in what you’re comfortable with.

Remember.  Computing should be fun, try to keep it that way whenever possible.

And the job, should always feel less like a “Job”

The Energized Tech