This is dedicated to ALL scripters.  Anybody including vbScript, Logon Script, Shell Monkeys, Powershell Dudes whatever you want to call yourself.

Scripting is a passion to those that do it.

And to you, Sing this to Frank Sinatra’s “My Way”

I Script it My Way

And now the Server’s Off
The Switches Blink within a green glow
I need, to launch it now
But it’s locked away behind Medeco

I’ll use a Wake On Lan
In Powershell, I’ll launch and then play
No more, won’t pay for code
I’ll script it My Way

And with, my vbScript
I’ll go and warn of interventions
My logs have triggers too
They tell me now from my inventions

I carved and shaped them all
I automate my work for my pay
An ITpro and yet I Code
I’ll script it My Way

Oh there were days, I wished I could
Whip out a Visa now, I surely would
But rather than give in to Hell
I’ll code it in with Powershell
And vbScript and Batch Files too
I’ll script it My Way

I speak in Syntax now
ItPros, they don’t know me
And Devs, they shun me too
My code it runs so very slowly

But I, will not shy on down
For I stand proud of my automations
For I, I did it all
I Scripted My Way

For what is code no matter small
Whether a function or simple Call
To automate in Joy and Glee
I’ll do it all Enternally
The systems bow and move to me
They’re scripted my way