We have had other management technologies in the past, various tools in dos, vbScript, GUI tools.  They all work.

But why this drive to Powershell?

Where Powershell I think personally wins over EVERY existing solution we’ve ever had for the following reasons.


Rather than trying to leverage a solution using a 3rd party utility, various Command Prompt tools and vbScript; then getting them to talk to each other.   I can now use one structure, one syntax, one Environment to perform 99% of my work. 

.NET Enabled

Since Powershell leverages and swims through .NET like a little kid in a Cookie jar, it has unlocked the biggest box of electronic goodies ever.   All of the Office Collections, abilities to communicate with Windows Explorer, Libraries are now at our fingertips.   vbScript had this too, but going back to the first point, Powershell is INTERACTIVE.   So you can now try something immediately and success or fail in that task quicker.


Probably the best feature of Powershell is it is so incredibly easy to add on features.  If the feature you have ISN’T native, you can often leverage technology within Powershell to make that solution as a Function.   This allows you to manage technology in Powershell that may not presently have a Commandlet (like Office Communications Server 2007R2)


If you are a Developer, you can easily make a simple commandlet for an Administrator to manage a feature of your system WITHOUT building a big Management gui.  Time saved.  If you are an ITPro you can write code to automate your systems and interface with web based management interfaces without dragging in developers. 


Powershell doesn’t simply have the backing of Microsoft, it has the backing of the Community.  IT Professionals and Developers; people just like you doing the daily battles against Digital Daemons.   There is a unstoppable force helping to grow and shape this technology completely independent of Microsoft.


Just like on the old home computers, when you type something in on the screen you IMMEIDATELY got a response.   That is the single biggest strength in Powershell.  I can execute a single line of code and without hesitation get the results of that output.   Previous solutions required the editing of scripts with notepad, saving, executing, cursing, repeating the process.

There i’ve said my peace.  Now if you work well in vbScript or other tools?  Don’t stop and drop what you’re doing just to ONLY do it in Powershell.

But remember there is another tool available to you now.

…And it is unbelievably POWERful

The Energized Tech