Powershell.  Powershell.  Powershell.

I do it all in Powershell.

So that means before Powershell was here NOTHING happened right?  There were no automation solutions, Administrators sat down with gnawing on LAN cables to lower the stress levels.  CoOp students would hide helplessly in their cubicles waiting for the next onslaught of insanity as Administrators lost their cool with No way to interface with the system.



Before Powershell there was vbScript.   vbScript is more complex than Powershell I find personally but it works.  It works well.  There’s just sometimes a lot more code involved.

But I prefer to stick to one solution.  For one reason.  Consistency.  I can keep all my tools under one type of code.  And in the newer environments like Exchange 2010 and Server 2008R2, they leverage Powershell scripts heavily.  Keeping all my automation solutions under this umbrella makes things easier to interface.

So sometimes I have to find an answer to a problem.  The answer no matter how many times I “Bing It”, search, pray to Juju, or sacrifice a CoOp student; is in vbScript.  Because that code has been roaming about a LOT longer than Powershell and has a bigger base.

But here’s a trick I learned.  Learn to SPEAK vbScript a little.  Not necessarily to Code in it but to understand it’s Syntax a little.   It helps.  I have found numerous scripts in vbScript for Accessing ADSI, WMI out there.    I can code them in Powershell; sometimes in fewer lines.

So over the next few articles, we’re going to learn a new trick.  We’re all going to be Bilingual in Powershell in vbScript (if even just a bit)

The Energized Tech