A little “Black Sabbath” with Ronnie James Dio was coursing through my ears this morning and I just COULDN’T get this phrase out of my head.

“Code Powershell.”

So enjoy this and sing to yourselves quietly if you can find a copy of “Heaven and Hell” from “Black Sabbath”.  Sing this loudly and proudly.  I simply call this.


Send Him a task
That has lingered
Releasing his Code
He’s a Killer of Evil

His CommandLets flow out
To his bidding
Automations bow down
To the Scripter

For his code goes on and on
With Powershell


He’s Launching Remote
His One Liners
The Objects Pipe Through
And get filtered

He’ll close up the loops
And repeat them
Do block until
all The Process is TRUE

For his code goes on and on
For his code goes on and on
It goes on and on and on
With Powershell


Oh yeah the systems repeat
All that’s needed
Cuz The Shell it is out
And the Power is Here

The Functions will call
All the methods
With Dot Net empowered
All the processes flow free

For his code goes on and on and on and on…

In the Darkness
You’ll never feel a fright
Power up Servers
In the middle of the night

Invoke-Method and
In Windows Vista
it’s just a Role

With Powershell

Repeating your work
Is such a breeze
those many A/D’s

Flowin’ through data
with nary a thought
Perfection is here
the system you sought

With Powershell

Foo Foo

Don’t forget to use GET-MEMBER

Foo Foo

Using GET-HELP you find the Answer

Foo Foo Foo