I’ve never been a Fan of the Blackberry.  Just not a fan.

For what’s it meant to do, it’s good but I don’t like being locked down, I don’t like the lack of compatibility in it’s Browser.

It’s just not “ME”.

But I DO have to give some Kudos to the new Curve.  It’s what the entry level unit finally needed.  A good cleanup.

The present Curve sports the same newer “Look” as the Blackberry Bold.  Whether you like that or not is up to you, but it IS a fresher look.   They were also smart to NOT change the size of the Curve.  This means if you own one and upgrade, you don’t have to go scrambling for a new case.

It seems to be sporting a faster CPU and definitely responds nicer.  My particular model has Wifi which allows to cut down on the Data plan costs.   And finally, Finally, FINALLY somebody got a *CLUE* at Research in Motion to get RID of that STUPID mouse ball. 

How many users had to put up with THAT stupid idea based upon technology that was scrapped by the rest of the Industry ages ago?  How many people spent $50 to replace a 1/2 centimeter object that was ruined over and over by nothing other than a piece of FLUFF?!

Well the new Curve at least changed that, or more correctly; CAUGHT UP with the industry.   The Laser tracking is a much better mouse on the Curve.   The display appears brighter and moderately larger as well.   They also kept some legacy as well.  Same Battery and your memory card ALSO transfer over.

This is liked.

What they took away was the little light for the Video camera, which really didn’t matter.  The only time I used that was to stumble about my room in the morning as a “mini flashlight” (Call that an Undocumented Feature)

I’m still not a fan of the Blackberry as a whole, but this new model at least makes me feel less unhappy about using it.

the Energized Tech