First statement, I have nothing against the Office Live Add-in, it’s a great feature.

But if you don’t use it and need to easily disable it network wide.  Quickly without going computer to computer to computer and clicking on “Disable Addin” option?

Here’s how. 

Like just about everything, the settings are sitting right inside the registry.  Just a matter of editing them.

The addin sits near where the rest of the Word addins sit.  Right off of


If you’re working with a 64bit environment (because it IS a 32bit application) you’ll find it sitting under



In either case, the one setting you need to change in the registry to disable the Addin is simple “LoadBehaviour”.  Changing that value to a 0 will completely disable the Office Live addin in Word 2007 for all users. 

Now because this is a registry change you can just script, GPO, flash the change at will.   So much easier than “Login, Disable Addin, Logoff… Grumble…”


The Energized Tech