Certification as an MCP, MCT sets a bar for others to not only Aspire to, but sets a standard employers can work with.

There are many certifications out there that beautifully serve this purpose.

But there is one lacking.  One for “Scripters” or I like to think as “Environment Automation”

There is some rumbling that stirs up whenever it is mentioned in the Community.   Powershell scripters crave for it.   There is nothing right now that sets the bar.

But I’m thinking a lot more specific on “Scripting” or “automation” as a skill set that ENHANCES what an MCP is.

Some people in Microsoft think it’s ok that Powershell or vbScript is touched on lightly in the Certs as part of the exam structure.   But that isn’t the case.  Having had to start implementing these techniques in my most recent position I recognize something truly important.

A person that understands automation as a specialization is as EQUALLY as Important as having somebody who knows how to Architect the system.  But not knowing whether an Administrator is qualified on some level makes it difficult to gauge those abilities.   And in today’s Economy, Employers are going to want EFFICIENCY.  Not so much to get more done, but to get that “More” done quickly, effectively and most importantly CONSISTENTLY.

Proper automation and the ability to leverage those technologies (and more importantly WHICH ones) changes a Network Administrator or Systems Administrator from a simple manager that can get things running, to a key technologist that can spend more time looking into long term solutions on the Infrastructure.   Knowing how to deploy these technologies in a more Automated and Seamless fashion on a day to day basis allows for a much greater level of consistency than somebody that lightly touches on Powershell, vbScript or GPO.

But presently there is no way (other than field use) to determine what Level a potential Administrator is.

And so I propose this.   I propose Microsoft Development AND Microsoft Learning team up together to promote the creation of a New certification.   It may not set aside the individual as an actual MCP but it SHOULD complement existing certifications (IE: MCITP or MCTS in Server) to identify the Individual as a competent “Scripter”.  Competent in a good range of Technologies, GPO, Powershell, vbScript and classic Commands.

With this type of enhancement on a certificate (As a separate Single Exam) Microsoft could identify individuals that not only know the server for installation, but are ESPECIALLY qualified to maintain those systems.

Such an exam would involve more simulation or practical application questions.   Such a certification would help employers identify people best suited to manage their networks in the most Efficient and Consistent fashion.

And so to you, the Community.   The IT Professionals, the Scripters, the Powershell Experts, the GPO Gurus and all Future Network administrators, I send you a task.

I have been told, if we can get the attention of Microsoft corporation, and more importantly, Steven Ballmer’s attention.  Something could happen.  We have to ring the bells LOUD

So we as a community need to contact steveb@microsoft.com directly.  Do NOT spam him.  Take two minutes (or three) compose and EMAIL and put in the TITLE of that email ATTENTION: IT Community Demand for MCP Certification in Scripting and Automation Technologies. 


Our target is no less than 5,000 emails.  I want to see it happen.  We can do this.  vbScripters, Powershell, GPO, Command specialists.

And it all starts with us

The Energized Tech