Had to help out some friends at Around the Clock I.T. Solutions Inc. tonight.  An interesting problem.

A server that was running a Software mirror had the mirror broken for repairs.   Several reboots later all was good. 

Server decided after a reboot to produce this wonderful nugget.

Error in C:BOOTBCD


In general a BCD error.   But the BCD was intact.  To make matters worse the SBS 2008 did not natively recognize the file system and after adding drivers from the Windows Recovery Environment.   Adding drivers afterwards, the O/S appeared to be not there.   But all WAS intact.

All that caused this was the break of a Software Mirror which initially did not have an issue.   All was working fine several reboots after.   Then for whatever reason, an error crept into the Boot Configuration Database halting the system from starting.

So what to do?  If you could get the “Start Disk Repair” to scan the drive structure all would be fixed.   But normally the Windows Recovery Environment relies upon the fact that the Operating System can be seen BEFORE trigger “Start Repair”.  Since it couldn’t see the O/S, it wouldn’t trigger “Start Repair”


Well guess what? If that happens you’re ok.  If you do have the drivers loaded and are sitting at the prompt of


with that Cursor blinking away while you Curse at it, Just change to the


And just run STARTREP.EXE

And you’ll find the Start Repair is running and happily doing it’s work.  You should find it will now fix you and have you up and running as it should.  Also the other nice trick you have to work with is if you boot up and FORGET to add the hardware drivers in?  You at the Recovery Console type in


To load the drivers in live.  If you wish to re-run the normal SBS 2008 (or Server 2008) launch screen to triggers things naturally WITHOUT a reboot just execute


Then life is good.   Either way you’re up and running without a need to have the tech who did the repair kicked in the butt 🙂

The Energized Tech