One of the big reasons people would back away from NTBACKUP was Server 2000.   It’s a great simple utility but it didn’t have ONE REALLY IMPORTANT feature.

Open File Option.

The Open File Option (What Full Veritas BackupExec had an a $1000 Add on) was the ability to backup files that were in use.   If you had important Word documents or a particular Quickbooks database open, they wouldn’t backup.

Then along came Server 2003.  Server 2003 introduced “Shadow Copy” which was actually a technology which contained a built in “Open File Option” that NTBackup just used.

Some people didn’t realize this! 

Yes, if you’re a small Business Owner looking into options for Backup and you don’t have the budget for Veritas Backup Exec, NTBACKUP is a viable option now.  Even if you’re a large Corporation, the fact that you can leverage a solution to backup those open files WITHOUT incurring additional cost is a great boon.

Now I am NOT knocking Veritas Backup Exec.  It is NOT an overpriced boondoggle.  It IS the BIG BROTHER to NTBackup.   It logs in GREAT detail how to the backup ran.  If even ONE file does not backup, Veritas considers the backup a fail so you’re on your toes.   Veritas will make your Backup far more compliant for SOX with the built in reports.

But keep in mind that if you have a Server 2003 computer (or even Windows XP Pro!) that built in NTBACKUP can backup your open files.   I’ve even seen it backup Exchange 2003 Databases with Open File

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