My good friend and boss is out feeling like a dog right now.  He went to go to the MVP Conference and came down with something along the way. 

A little Twitter banter happened as a result.  Supposedly my “mass plans to downgrade the office” 🙂 (You the old phrase, while the cats away…)


Enjoy this little stream from Twitter and wish my good friend Cameron McKay @cameron-mckay a speedy recovery .  Maybe a flood of Tweets of good wishes will help bring his spirits up 🙂



RBUIKE : @Cameron-mckay better get well soon or @energizedtech is going to take control of the corporate network

ENERGIZEDTECH : @rbuike Correction @cameron-mckay BETTER get well Or I WILL START SINGING AGAIN! 🙂

RBUIKE : If @Cameron-mckay doesn’t get well soon @energizedtech is going to replace his LCD array with 15" CRTs

ENERGIZEDTECH : @rbuike Wait wait… I dug about and found some 12" Monochromes in Basement! @cameron-mckay better hurry or TTL is the way to go!

ENERGIZEDTECH : @rbuike You know, I think I could get Windows 7 running on a 486 if we tried 🙂

ENERGIZEDTECH : If @Cameron-mckay doesn’t get well soon @energizedtech is going to convert the VOIP system back to corded landlines!

ENERGIZEDTECH : @rbuike Corded lines? AMATEUR! I’ve got a few cases of empty vegetable CANS and STRING to get a phone system!

RBUIKE : If @Cameron-mckay doesn’t get well soon @energizedtech is going to migrate from Hyper-V to ESX

ENERGIZEDTECH : @rbuike ESX? Are you nuts?! I’m just going to PRETEND we have servers! TRUE Virtualization!

ENERGIZEDTECH : @rbuike all the Laptop? Etch-A-Sketches!

ENERGIZEDTECH : Planning on getting those Bicycler generators to run the datacenter. Yeah gimme some Coop students for power 🙂

ENERGIZEDTECH : I wonder how cheap I can get them from the Ontario Science Center 🙂

RBUIKE : If @Cameron-mckay doesn’t get well soon @energizedtech is going to roll back to Exchange Server 5.5

ENERGIZEDTECH : @rbuike No No NOOOO! Thinking too small. I’m rolling out a Commodore Vic20 BBS for messaging

ENERGIZEDTECH : Gigabit!?!? PAH! We’re going to back to SNEAKERNET!

RBUIKE : If @Cameron-mckay doesn’t get well soon @energizedtech is going to re-deploy the 14.4 modem bank

ENERGIZEDTECH : @rbuike When are you going to learn little one? 14.4k ? I’m rolling out the Digital Corp 110 baud teletypes for VPN!

(and it all just went downhill from this point…)


So please everybody, which him a speedy recovery and assure him that all of this was @Rbuike idea.  I would never deploy 14.4 modems!

Everybody knows 300 Baud accoustic is the way to go.

The Energized Tech