I am jumping up and down scaring the neighbours!

It happened Team Canada in an OVERTIME Game took the Gold!

This is strange I am an American.  I was born in the States. Raised in the States.  Heck I still remember the Pledge of Allegiance.

So why?  Why am I cheering for Canada?

Canada is my home.

My family is in Canada.

My job is in Canada.

Canada supplied me a life where none could compare.

I will take my Canadian Citizenship because I am PROUD to call Canada my home.

I am not “UnProud” of my American status, but Canada became my home like nothing else.

Canada is a huge part of what launched the “Friday Funny Guy”, Canada was a huge part of my inspiration to take my dreams to my limits.

And as such, I cheer for Canada in it’s victories and cry it it’s woes.

And today, although I am not officially “Canadian” I stand beside and with other Canadians proud of What Canada has done and achieved.

Today, I cheer for Canada and Team Canada as they chalk up Gold Medal #14 and bring Canadian Pride to the limits

Thank you Canada


The Energized Tech