Ok Look I know this should have been blatantly obvious but it wasn’t.


You’re downloading from Technet.   The computer rebooted.  The wire got yanked.   Aliens cut off the internet.

But for whatever reason your download got halted.  And although the “File Transfer Manager” CAN resume those downloads, it’s a matter of going to Technet, restart a Transfer and see it pickup on the screen.

I figured it HAD to be easier but I just didn’t see where the shortcut was.

So today I fired up Process Explorer from Sysinternals.com and looked to see where my “File Transfer Manager” was running from.

A quick right click of the mouse on the “TransferMGR.EXE” application in Process Explorer


And you could see where it was launching from.  Done.

So if you’re stuck in a jam and just want to restart your downloads from Technet or MSDN?   Create a shortcut to the “File Transfer Manager” under “C:WindowsDownloaded Program FilesTransferMGR.exe” and just double click on it any time.  

As always you can click on previous downloads and choose “Resume”, “Suspend” or “Cancel”


And you DON’T have to relogin to Technet to do this either 🙂


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