Why should life be so difficult?

Do you need to quickly know who is in a group in Active Directory?

Sure you COULD go and find the group, Double click on it, glance at the members….

Would you like that in something you could report?

With Both Quest ActiveRoles *OR* using the New ActiveDirectory Modules in Powershell, it’s a breeze.

Listing of all users in “Domain Admins”

In Quest Active Roles

GET-QADGROUPMEMBER ‘Domain Admins’ | Select-Object DN,Name,SamAccountName

In ActiveDirectory Modules

GET-ADGROUPMEMBER –identity | Select-Object DistinguishedName,Name,SamAccountName


Pipe that output into an EXPORT-CSV and you’ll not only have the data you need, but something you can run anytime you want.

Watch next time, I’ll show you how to make THAT something that can run as a scheduled task to create an automated report!

Powershell – It keeps me ENERGIZED!

The Energized Tech