One of the nicest things about Powershell is once you understand the Syntax it’s incredibly easy to just BUILD stuff!

How about having a filename where the Current Date is part of it?  Say a log file?

There are many nice ways to do this, but here’s a “quick and Dirty one”




“BLAH!” say the Itpros in the audience.  “WHAT IS THAT?!”

That is where Powershell is interesting if your NOT a Developer but are at least a LITTLE TEENY bit interested in what’s held in an Object.

It has Methods.  But we’ll get into that in another post.  What THIS little line gives YOU is a Variable that will contain the Current Date as a simple line like.


You can now take this and build a filename (Say a log file or a Datesensitive CSV?) like this

GET-QADGROUPMEMBER ‘Domain Admins’ | Select-Object DN,Name,SamAccountName | EXPORT-CSV C:ReportFolder$Logname+’-ImportantFile.CSV’

And now that you have THAT in your hands, you could SCHEDULE this as something rather than repeatedly doing it yourself (*Even if it IS cool to just type away in Powershell*)

Rock on and enjoy life with Powershell

The Energized Tech