Server 2008R2, your life as an Admin just gets so much easier as the Commandlets flow.

Ever had one of those bosses that can’t make up their mind and fire and hire and fire and hire people on the fly?

Well not a typical boss but disabling a User account with Server 2008R2 is a SNAP!


So the Boss bursts in and screams “Joey Smith IS A MADMAN! I just fired him!  Quick!  Shutdown the account AIHGAIHGHAHGHAHHI!!!”

No problem!

DISABLE-ADACCOUNT –identity ‘Joey.Smith’

Then after sobering up his mind is changed… “Uh you know that Joey guy?  Could you re-enable him?”

ENABLE-ADACCOUNT –identity ‘Joey.Smith’

So easy!  And no matter how many times he changes his mind, it’s just a keystroke away from his whims and your peace of mind.


Powershell, keep Boss’ whims at bay each and every day