Team Canada Gold Medal Hockey Winners!

I am jumping up and down scaring the neighbours!

It happened Team Canada in an OVERTIME Game took the Gold!

This is strange I am an American.  I was born in the States. Raised in the States.  Heck I still remember the Pledge of Allegiance.

So why?  Why am I cheering for Canada?

Canada is my home.

My family is in Canada.

My job is in Canada.

Canada supplied me a life where none could compare.

I will take my Canadian Citizenship because I am PROUD to call Canada my home.

I am not “UnProud” of my American status, but Canada became my home like nothing else.

Canada is a huge part of what launched the “Friday Funny Guy”, Canada was a huge part of my inspiration to take my dreams to my limits.

And as such, I cheer for Canada in it’s victories and cry it it’s woes.

And today, although I am not officially “Canadian” I stand beside and with other Canadians proud of What Canada has done and achieved.

Today, I cheer for Canada and Team Canada as they chalk up Gold Medal #14 and bring Canadian Pride to the limits

Thank you Canada


The Energized Tech

Powershell – Viewing the code from a Function


Ever get bitten by a bug and need to know “How was this done?”

In Powershell there are many functions you create, and just as many pre-written.   But when I go to see how a function was done (so I can learn more), I find if the function has more than one line you just get something like this.

CommandType Name Definition
——————                   ——- ———-
Function       get-exblog


Which doesn’t do you a lot of good.    

But really it’s not difficult to view.    For example if you want to get a list of all functions (which are like Cmdlets but you can view / edit and change them) run the following command


or you can also run a

GET-COMMAND –CommandType Function

…The output and results are the same, a BIG list of functions and their definitions or at least PARTIAL definitions.

So if you see a particular function you’re curious about in the list like say GET-EXBLOG (which is part of the Exchange Command Shell) just run this command



(GET-COMMAND GET-EXBLOG –CommandType Function).Definition

In both cases you will see the code that produces that Function which is

invoke-expression ‘cmd /c start′

Which goes off and launches the Exchange Blog.

So I never knew how to launch a Browser session from Powershell.  But now thanks to viewing this function I see a way.  Maybe not necessarily the BEST or the ONLY way but it’s a good way to learn if you can see how somebody else did it.  

Powershell – Learning *IS* easy 🙂

the Energized Tech

Quickly restart your Technet and MSDN Downloads – File Transfer Manager


Ok Look I know this should have been blatantly obvious but it wasn’t.


You’re downloading from Technet.   The computer rebooted.  The wire got yanked.   Aliens cut off the internet.

But for whatever reason your download got halted.  And although the “File Transfer Manager” CAN resume those downloads, it’s a matter of going to Technet, restart a Transfer and see it pickup on the screen.

I figured it HAD to be easier but I just didn’t see where the shortcut was.

So today I fired up Process Explorer from and looked to see where my “File Transfer Manager” was running from.

A quick right click of the mouse on the “TransferMGR.EXE” application in Process Explorer


And you could see where it was launching from.  Done.

So if you’re stuck in a jam and just want to restart your downloads from Technet or MSDN?   Create a shortcut to the “File Transfer Manager” under “C:WindowsDownloaded Program FilesTransferMGR.exe” and just double click on it any time.  

As always you can click on previous downloads and choose “Resume”, “Suspend” or “Cancel”


And you DON’T have to relogin to Technet to do this either 🙂


The Energized Tech
”Saving the world from one headache at a time”