Here’s an easy one but a stickler for you.

Had a Word 2007 document today that contained “VBA” and “Macros”.

It was pretty funny since I helped design it and there were none in it.  The user didn’t even KNOW how to create a Macro.

Thump thump thump goes the impatient foot trying to solve this.

As Maxwell Smart, Secret Agent 86 would say “Would you believe …”

File Extension.

Somehow it got saved as “DOCM” which is a “Word Macro-Enabled Document”


Why do you care?

Well if your security is pretty standard and you’re not automatically trusting Macros and VBA (A good thing) you’ll get a warning saying “Hey I don’t trust this” and certain things like Protecting the document don’t work.

It drove me bananas when I found out it just got renamed some how.

So just rename it without that extension if you’re certain or re-save it as a .DOTX (Template) or .DOCX (Word 2007 Document).  It will give you a nasty warning about “Losing all your precious VBA and Macro code” which is fine since it was never there to begin with.


Go figure! 🙂


The Energized Tech