It’s interesting to realize just how many free Virtualization Solutions are out there now.    VMware, Sun and Microsoft all have free ones for you to use.   And they all work nicely.

You’ve got Virtual PC 2007 if you’re running Windows Vista, or Windows Virtual PC part of Windows 7, Hyper-V Server 2008 all from Microsoft and all Free.

There’s SUN Virtual box, a very nice solution that run’s in 32bit Windows 7 systems that do not have Hardware Acceleration.  Granted it does not support VHD’s but if you’re trying to put together a demo system and don’t have 64bit virtualization available, it’s not a bad option.

And of course there’s even some free solutions from VMware out there.  Oddly the only Virtual player I can’t see is Apple.

But the nicest part I like about the Virtualization on the cheap, is it allows the little guys to put together multiple computer networks in their basement (albeit, maybe a bit slow) without have a LOT of expensive network equipment.  It lets people PLAY without redesigning their whole system or trying to figure out a Multiple boot across three different vendors.

Not that that isn’t COOL (it is) but it means MORE people can learn about technology and bigger networks without the bigger budget or space constrictions a real physical network puts on them.

And that’s just nice for all of us.  The environment included.

Put your thoughts into a Virtual Place and keep them efficient.

The Energized Tech