Boy did I feel like an idiot today.

I had an XPS file from Vista.  Needed to view it.  NEEDED.

I tried downloading the viewers from Microsoft, nope won’t install.   No 64bit stuff available. 

Then my brain rebooted.  It’s in Vista, it HAS to be in Windows 7 and by Proxy, in some form in Server 2008R2.


Just take a run down into the Server and go to Add Features, drill right to the bottom


Yep there it is, just check off that box, click on Next and then Install.


Soon you can view XPS files on Server 2008R2. 

And Nooooooo this is not meant for a REAL Production server, but nice if you’re running Server 2008R2 on a Workstation.  You know, just cuz.

And yeah, you better license it, or be running it on a Test environment.


the Energized Tech