I’m sitting down in a Second Cup with a coffee before by 70-403.

Am I studying?


I have it in my head at this point there are only two options, pass or fail.   I either know the material enough (and I am confident) or am dead wrong.

So rather than worrying, I’m sitting down, reading something that has nothing to do with the exam.  Twitters email, web pages.

I am relaxing.

And of course I have a Technet Tshirt on underneath, like it’ll make a difference but we all wear our own “mojo” to these things 😉

So it’s got me wondering, what is YOUR little ritual (if any) before an exam or test?

Comment here or send me details at sean@energizeit.ca.  I’ll pool the responses together and post them without names.  It could be interesting to see what “Tiki’s” we carry or what we do across the board to prepare for tests.

Cheers and see you after I pass
The Energized Tech

BTW.  I try to carry in whatever confidence I can, pass or fail.