The Holidays are upon us, and like many I’m already worried about what THIS person wants and what THAT person wants and ohhhh, will I be able to pull it off, will I fall asleep beside the dog under the tree.

Will I step into an “unwanted surprise” from Reindeer.

Things like that.

But with all kidding aside, it is important to remember, that we can all find something to hang onto and be thankful for.  To also remember there are others worse off.

And during these times, it is SO easy to just ignore the problems of others and just focus on ones self.  I know.  I’ve done it.  I feel like a complete heel too.  

So this year (it seems stupid) I remind myself.  You do have to do that sometimes.   Remember how bad it was before, and no matter how bad you think YOU have it, somebody else is hurting worse.

And so think about giving.   $5, $10, a friendly phone call, a song, a Hot Coffee, an uplifting email.

Give whatever you can, however you can.

If you can afford yourself a cold beer?  You can give.

You don’t have to go broke in doing it, or stand up and make yourself noticed.   But you can do it.   You can give even if you have nothing to give.

You can give time.  Soup Kitchens, Play Santa for some kids, maybe just even help your neighbour who might be too busy watching her kids and working, shoveling snow.

Heck even just “turning down your radio” and giving a little peace. 

And if you have something to give?  And you feel that little pinch at your side that says “Maybe I should?”

Go ahead!  Dive in.

For no other reason than this.  

“Just cuz.”


Cheers to a Thousand Years

The Energized Tech
”Happy Holidays”