Day One of Techdays-CA in Calgary


Up at 5:00am.  5:00am MOUNTAIN STANDARD TIME.

The day began actually at 4:48am with me up BEFORE the alarm clock.   The excitement was unbearable.

I was up running about the room, getting ready to go out the door.  Up before the alarm clock could go off and out the door.


And in the early hours before 8:00am where it was still dark, final preparations were still ongoing. Volunteers scrambling about to make sure everything was setup, demos loaded up, machines powered.   A last few Internet connections to double check and batteries to plug in

And the day began.  

IMGA0017 IMGA0016 

The crowds began to move in, past the registration desk into the main dining Area.   One thing I will say about Calgary, they REALLY know how to get things done!  I looked at the layout of the room and my jaw dropped.   Such an amazing dining area including the Windows 7 area prepped with various renditions of Multi Touch PC’s from Dell and HP.   The new Ford Flex.


And truly the community showed it’s support and interest.   Each and every session at Techdays-CA Calgary was packed not only with information but people intensely interested in that session.    It also reflected the intense desire of people wanting to know just how that technology COULD be (but not necessarily SHOULD be) leveraged.

And it showed one other small thing.

Common interests.  


I’m from Toronto (Much farther east) and you could hear people talking about similar problems and issues.   People were looking for answers, or in some cases pieces to the puzzle.    There were some things that might be unique to their particular area but for the most part, people were very curious about Windows 7, especially the newer UAC or Multitouch.   Many people genuinely didn’t know about the Media Center Extender and were very impressed when all the content was accessible from a single location.   People were very impressed that a computer in the house could interface in that manner.

I for one, would VERY much like to see that technology extended to OEM’s.   I think if the market was to have a pile of systems that could interact in that manner with people, the face of computing would change.   I personally can’t wait to see “Project Natal” released for the Xbox360.   I expect it to have issues (like first generation Voice Recognition did) being a VERY new technology.   But sit and think for a moment.

A computer where YOU go to it, and *IT* immediately begins to work with YOU on YOUR terms rather the classic “type type, click click”.   MultiTouch and “Project Natal” (If that were to extend to the PC world) would COMPLETELY change the face of computing as we know it.  Security, Login, Interaction.  

Many didn’t realize about how many free tools Microsoft offers to the public to make their jobs easier, there were some *I* didn’t know about! And although we all understand the value of getting it for free, there is also greater value in having an Enterprise level solution you can easily manage.

For a full TWO DAYS this continued.   Interest did not fall back, it continued.  Especially in both sessions at Day end that I was involved in.   In both Toronto and Calgary I personally noticed that the room was full each time with people tired from a long day but so intensely interesting in learning something, they would stick it out to the end.

For my part I found many of us had a common nemesis, Mr. “Murphy S. Law, Attorney in Troublemaking”.   And we fight the unknown and unexpected daily.   All of us.

IMGA0028 IMGA0029

And of course Techdays-CA brought forth Community.   I ended meeting a few new people and maybe (just maybe) inspiring a few new people to “Try something different” even if that something is Microsoft technology OR more importantly, stepping out and getting involved with the IT Community.

Getting involved not because Microsoft says you should, getting involved because it’s an extension of yourself and some of us are afraid to take chances and look foolish.

Well I’ll tell you one thing.

Take the chances, look foolish, make mistakes.   Because if you try and fail or try and succeed, you always learn som
ething.  Take that to heart from one guy who spent his entire life afraid to try.  It is WORTH it on levels beyond describing to take that “dip in the pool”

And at Techdays-CA one thing I have learned is there truly *IS* always something more to learn.

Even as people

The Energized Tech