Ok I’m finally really comfortable with MDT 2010.  Actually that’s an incorrect statement. 

I now understand Windows PE and the process of deployment (mostly) under MDT and WDS.   So may I already was pretty comfortable with making the image, I just initially didn’t understand how it got from “here” to “there”


So I’m looking at a new challenge.  And a true challenge it is.


I’m going to learn how to do a ZTI with Systems Center Configuration Manager 2007. 

A “ZTI” or “Zero Touch Installation” is the Nirvana of images and imaging.  The idea behind ZTI is you define EVERYTHING at the back end (Computer name, Mac Address, Software deployment, you name it!) and if you need to blank out a computer you just go “ZAPPO!”

The end result as an Administrator?

“My laptop is broken.”

Press the magic PXE boot button on the laptop and life is magically better. 

Ok, it’s not an “EASY” button.  Things still have to install.   But imagine a completely CLEAN install of the O/S where you’re not questioning the process of the imaging because it’s doing exactly what you would do by shoveling in disks.   Only a lot more efficient.    So if the machine goes “Boom” after, bad hardware therefore replace or warranty.  Don’t FIDDLE!

The sucky part of ZTI is time.  You have to spend time and REALLY set it up.   The pay off is the amount of time you NEVER EVER EVER EVER have to waste when a new machine needs to be installed or an old one needs re-imaging.  And changing the O/S (Since it’s an extension of the images in MDT) is just as easy.

So I’m going to play and install and LEARN.  And oh yes, I’m a gonna BLOOOOOOOG about this.   My headaches, the magic words I will mutter and the elation when it’s finally working!

So get ready for a  ride folks.  I’m expecting a little “Road Rash” along the way


The Energized Tech