This is a simple and kind of obvious thing but we all forget about our local libraries.

I’ll be honest.   The last time I went near a library was back in High School.  I had a job since then so I was buying my own books, and honestly didn’t need it.  So I forgot.

It’s a damn shame too, because lately, like with many of us, my funds are tight.   And I’ll be honest.  I don’t have internet right now.

*Pause* *Shock*


Hey it happens.   But this is where we get to supporting our libraries.   Did you know many libraries now have free internet access on computers?  Ok NOT a complete shock but MANY (because laptops are common) have Wireless internet access.  Free with your library card.  

So you can sit in a quiet place, with no real noise and concentrate on your work.   I am finding more often the local library is beccoming that quiet place to blog about something, clear my thoughts.   Type and just think for a bit.

And had I thought about this a year or so ago, I donated all my old MCSE books to Goodwill.  But I took a look in the local section of the library, and do you know how much computer books they had ?

Two, maybe three.  That’s it.

So here’s how I’m going to start, and you can do it too.  If you’re looking at that big cool shelf full of books you rarely ever look at?   Full of material about Operating Systems or older servers and applications? 

Take those extra books you might not need.   Because honestly, we don’t need them.   Bring them to your local branch.   You’ll be pleasantly surprised how much they are going to benefit from them.   Because no matter how little you think you have?  Don’t forget.  There’s always that kid who doesn’t even have a job that would LOVE to read up on some of this.  

So next week, I’m going to start bringing in those extra manuals I bought for the office, the SQL 2005 course I never finished, even “Powershell step by Step” and deliver to my local branch.

Because I *DO* remember vividly what it was like wishing I could get books and the learning material.  And you can help others too so easily in that manner.

Yeah, it’s cool and nerdy to have a shelf full of books.  But if they’re sitting there wasting space not being read, what use are they?   Give them to a library and let those books be enjoyed, let the knowledge grow, let people prosper.

Support your local Library in any way you can.

The Energized Tech