Stumbled across an interesting problem.   The solution is easy, just it was a minor thing I ran across and thought to pass it along.

If you’re running Server 2008R2 as a Guest in a “Classic Hyper-V Environment” (Original Server 2008 all patched up) you might stumble into some “oddness”

The Virtual machine might just “disappear” from the system.  WMI errors.  

Just “Weird stuff”

Now the machine isn’t actually GONE, the Child process is alive and running but it either disappears from Hyper-V console completely until you reboot or restart services or becomes unmanageable.

The solution is easy.

If you’re hosting a SERVER 2008R2 environment, make sure the parent is Server 2008R2.  It seems obvious but I think it’s the Guest components pre-installed with Server 2008R2 are sending some “Mixed signals” back to Hyper-V R1 and it just simply doesn’t like them.

I would suspect the same with Windows 7.

In theory, I think if you could pull out the R2 Guest components and put in the R1 version, Hyper-V might be happier, but just getting everything to the newest version for the hosting environment is a lot better.


Cheers and keep those thoughts Virtual

The Energized Tech