Are you afraid of presenting?  Standing in front of a room of 200 people?  20 or maybe 20,000?

I can tell you this.  I am.  Even after presenting at ITPro Toronto various times and at Techdays I still get the willys!


I can tell you this.  Once you start going INTO the presentation, you’re usually ok.   Once you get a demo going, you feel better.   But why the fear?

Because you might mess up?

All people mess up.  I’ve seen presenters who are have been doing this time and time and time and TIME again mess up.

So don’t worry, it will happen.  Just roll with it. 

A good friend (and great presenter) gave some of the best advice I could ever get.

“……They’ll forgive you for being nervous, and talking a bit fast.  They won’t forgive if you don’t know your stuff, so just show you know your stuff…”

and it’s true.   If you ask a room of 200 people (especially to those you’re presenting to) how many of them are afraid or nervous to do what you just did, you’ll find the bulk of them (if not all) will yield an emphatic “YES!” to that question.

Because we’re all going to be afraid of failing.

But let me put this one thought in your head.  A simple one.

Even the greats started and failed at one point, and even the greats still fail on stage.


Because we’re human.    So when “IT” happens on stage (Yes the unWANTED unBEARable //FAIL\) , roll with it.  Be human.   Talk about something else, crack a joke with the audience, get them on your side, because you’ll find for the most part they are.

And most of all, be yourself.   Bring your brains.  You’ll find you present most effectively when you combine professionalism with your natural ability, whatever it is.

Unless you’re a professional wrestler doing a talk, in which case giving the hecklers a “Body Slam” just ain’t gonna help 😉


Cheers all and take that chance
The Energized Tech