I was digging about for a Wake on Lan Utility.  How many times I thought to myself “If I could just send a pulse, that’s all this server needs to start”.

Most modern day systems have this feature too.   I started digging and finding this utility and that and then, for a lark started searching for WMI and Powershell solutions.  I really do not need this often, but something I could carry on a USB key that could be typed would be preferred.

Right near the top came this hit from " //o//" the Powershell Guy

The script is dead simple and EXACTLY what I needed.   And the fact that it could work into Powershell was even BETTER!

Just save it as some name .PS1 (I called mine WAKELAN.PS1) and when you need to use it just type

WAKELAN.PS1 00:00:00:00:00:00

Where the 00:00:00:00:00:00 is the Mac Address of the network card in question.

Now in MY case I want this to Power up any computer remotely to ensure they’re live for Automatic updates, or if I need to maintain a system in a locked office.  But having Wake on Lan is also great if you’re a consultant who accidentally shut off a system remotely.  As long as you have the Wake on Lan feature enabled in the systems and some way to get in? (VPN, Terminal Services) You can get it and get it powered up.

Thank you “//o//" the Powershell Guy” – Your script made my day!

The Energized Tech