Hmm a problem. 

You’ve got a Hyper-V box where people got sloppy and left all these stupid ISO files mounted in Virtual DVD rom drives everywhere wasting space.

Do you get angry?

Do you get vengeful?

Do you get out a big can of "Whoopass” and go off your rocker at these silly fools?


You just whip out Powershell, point it at your folder of Virtual Machines and “look”.  Presuming of course the Virtual Machines were named with some level of consistency 🙂


GET-CHILDITEM E:VirtualMachineFolder –recurse –include *.ISO


There.  You’re done.   And nobody had to go off the deep end to solve that one! Now just go in and remove them puppies and clean up the mess.


I errrrrrr…. cleaned up 20 gig of ISO files I left “sitting about” 😛

The Energized Tech