Others may already know this.   But this HAS to be shared!

When you use the Quest Active Roles Management shell for Powershell you get a bunch of really cool Cmdlets that make life as an Administrator beautiful.

Up to this point if I wanted to manage a different domain I have been doing this


(A windows Appears and I type in the DOMAINUserID and password for the Domain I’m trying to Administer.

CONNECT-QADSERVICE –service ‘fqdn.contoso.local:389’ –credential $CRED

(Connect to foreign Domain DC)


(or OTHER Quest Cmdlet)


My problem has been I’m writing a script / module that can just “switch domains” so I can run the Cmdlets without a headache.  Because I need to switch domains on the fly.  I also want to have OTHER admins (independant of me) use this same module to their own advantage. 

Now I learned all about-scopes in Powershell but when I did a “CONNECT-QADSERVICE” in the module.  It would work but immediately drop back to whatever the local scope was before the module.

Then I found out I can just connect to the DC DIRECTLY in the GET-QADUSER CmdLet!

GET-QADUSER –service ‘fqdn.contoso.local:389’ –credential $CRED


I’ll post the module later on today so you can see what I was after! 

Oh this is COOL!

The Energized Tech