The other day I built a little script that showed the free space on a computer in Powershell with the ability to email a warning if it crossed over a margin.

Now the nice thing with Powershell, with a MINOR change, I can now Query Active Directory for a list of computers, all or specific by OU or any other method I choose and have a system MONITOR those servers for free space.  And I don’t even need to touch the servers themselves.

So right now, let’s pretend I am a smart Admin and keep all my servers in their own private OU since I control my Server updates manually and they have their own configuration TOTALLY different from my workstations.   I’ve put them under the OU Computers/Servers.  This script also requires Powershell V2 if you wish to use the “SEND-MAILMESSAGE” option

—————- Monitor Remote C Drive ——————–

# Get a list of computers from Active Directory

$Computerlist=GET-QADCOMPUTER –searchroot ‘Contoso.local/Computers/Servers’

Foreach ($Server in $Computerlist) {

# Change C: to whichever letter you’d like monitored

$driveinfo=get-wmiobject win32-volume –computername $Server.name | where { $-.driveletter -eq ‘C:’ } | select-object freespace, capacity, drivetype, driveletter

# 10 percent 10/100


# XXX % of maximum space is our warning level

$WarningLevel=$driveinfo.capacity *  $Percent

if ($driveinfo.freespace -lt $WarningLevel)



$Emailfrom="$Servername <$Servername@contoso.local>"
$EmailSubject="$Servername is running low on space"
$Emailbody="Hello Mr. Admin.  This is Server $Servername…I have $free bytes leftover."

send-mailmessage -from $Emailfrom -to "NetworkAdmin <networkadmin@contoso.local>" -subject $Emailsubject -body $Emailbody -priority High -dno onSuccess, onFailure -smtpServer smtp.contoso.local



—————- Monitor Remote C Drive ——————–

There wasn’t that easy?  Mind you it’s only monitoring the C: drive and next time I’ll look at a script that monitors all the drives.  It’s not as robust as SCOM but it has one thing SCOM doesn’t

It’s FREE.

Seize Powershell and Seize the Day!

the Energized Tech