So you’ve decided to take a step into the Good life.  Go cutting edge and use the new Active Directory Modules!

Excellent!  Good man!

Just a small piece to remember first.

You need a Server 2008 R2 DC.

“The whole Domain?”

No.  Just a single DC.   The new Active Directory services are web based and you need at least ONE DC to have the Server 2008 R2 SOFTWARE as a Domain Controller.

Once you have that in place you can utilize the new Cmdlets.  They’ll be on your controller of course.

But if you REALLY want to seize the day in Windows 7, get yourself the newest RSAT (Remote Server Administration Tools) and you’ll have all those new Active Directory Cmdlets on your workstation out of the box!

“But I don’t HAVE Windows 7!”

What?  No Windows 7? No problem!

Because with Powershell V2 there is a new feature that allows you to build modules!   So you can take those new Cmdlets sitting on your Server 2008 R2 controller, export them out to a module and import them onto your Powershell V2 workstation, even if it’s Windows XP!

Did I just make a puddle of drool in front of your computer?


Good.  I’ll tell you how to do it tomorrow! 🙂


the Energized Tech