I was searching on the internet for more bits about Powershell and ran into Chrissy LeMaire’s blog with the catch phrase “Talk Nerdy to Me”

Yes, once a phrase is in my head, it’s “Doomed”, and yes I do mean ID Software “Doomed”.   I contacted and got permission first (Cuz that’s just what you should do and VOILA!)

Sung to “Talk Dirty to Me” by “Poison”


Talk Nerdy to Me

You know I saw it
It was Green and all Monochrome
My eyes wouldn’t let me roam
Cuz I liked it
And you know I’m tellin’ True
It got it hooks in you
I ain’t lyin!

Oh a Commodore
A Commodore 64
On my parents’ big living room floor
I got leg cramps
BBS’in all night long
Sidplayer crankin’ out a song
As I geek out!

Y’know that I just

Bought a modem
In the K-mart store
It’s Accoustic and
300 baud down to the core
In my basement
Peripherals all on the Floor
Wait for ya
To Talk Nerdy to Me

You know I’m tyin’
I’m tying up the Telephone
Long distance with a BlueBox tone
Cuz I’m phreakin’
Then I war-dial once again
To type to you my friend
In IRC now

Y’know that we’ll be

Swappin’ programs
Roms scattered all over the floor
Playin’ Zelda
Chugging Jolt eyes buzzin’ for more
In my basement
Just knock on my door
Quote "Python"
And Talk Nerdy to Me

Captain Kirk beam me and take me away!


Cause y’know that we’ll be

Fightin’ Dragons
And tell Wizardry Lore
Readin’ Usenet
Who ya kidding you’re downloading porn!
In my bedroom
Gandalf is on my door
Speak Elvish
Or Talk Nerdy to me

Talk Nerdy to me

I’m baudy,
Talk Nerdy to me