Caught this one in twitter and thought I’d echo it along.

I’ve noticed ever since Microsoft introduced the “Cached Email address” feature in Outlook 2003 and 2007, user’s have a nasty habit of treating it as an “Address Book”.

Where this is a problem for ITPros is when they LOSE that little file (when you migrate a computer) their world is over (And thus yours)

But not to fear.  It’s just a single file.  It’s easy to migrate and just as easy to pull the data into something much useful, a CSV file!

All you have to do is dig for the NK2 file for the user.  Typically it’s in the same folder structure as your Outlook data.   It’s naming will match the profile name assigned to the particular Outlook user.  By default, it is “OUTLOOK.NK2” but if you have multiple profiles in Outlook it could be “OUTLOOK.NK2”, “MARY.NK2” or “MAIL.NK2” or something appropriate.

Just copy the file to the new location it needs to go to and replace the current .NK2.   Only a restart of Outlook is needed for the user to see their Nicknames (Cached email addresses)

But personally I prefer this alternate solution.  Pull the data out.  I found one user with about a hundred “Really important world ending addresses” in this silly file.   Storing them in “Contacts” just never dawned on them.

So it’s good to have “Plan B” up your sleeve.  A free Utility called NK2.INFO.  It views and edits the silly things and EVEN allows an export to CSV or Tab delimited Text file.

Guess what it costs?

*zip* Zero Free!

Works great too.  But if you ever bump into the programmer and you’ve used it at least ONCE?

Buy them lunch or a beer and tell them thanks.  Because if you EVER need it?

You’ll want to.


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