I was banging my head on this one.  I’m no OCS expert.  I can set this sucker up but did I ever do a major *DOH!*

I deployed an OCS Edge server for Federation purposes and immediately after EVER OCS client got the same stupid message just tickling at the top of the screen.

“Limited External Calling”

this was odd since I never configured connectivity to the phone system or any other connectivity for that matter.

I validated, tested, used magic words, offered up some Developers to “Juju” only to finally stumble across an Article in “Experts Exchange” that pointed me down the right path.

I had some mismatched ports.

When I initially set it all up, I planned on Authenticating my A/V on Port 12345 (Example of course).  The DEFAULT on the Edge is 5062.  I DID configure the A/V authentication on Port 12345 on My Edge server for OCS but on the EXTERNAL port.  The Internal was still set at “5062”

So a quick change on the INTERNAL port to match was the Regular OCS server was trying to communicate on, restart my services for A/V for good measure and *BOOM* no more stupid Red Exclamation mark.

All that silliness, I knew it was something stupid.

Yeah. ME. *DOH!*

the Energized Tech