I was banging my head against a wall.  Clean install of an OCS 2007R2 Edge server.   IT WAS WORKING!

And then as part of my testing it appeared that it was no longer activated and WOULDN’T

I was muttering a lot of “magic words” over this

So I drilled down through the Activation Log and got this wonderful cryptic error number.

Failure [0xC3EC78D8] Lots of jibberish…

So I checked all the usual suspects.  Time, requirements…. check check and TRIPLE check!

So fine.  Let’s “Bing” that error.   And right up at the WAAAAAAY top was a beautiful article from John Gilham at Gilham Consulting regarding this very issue.

So I checked and SURE enough KB974571 HAD made it’s way into my system.  Removed it and rebooted and my OCS EDGE is now sharp again!

Thanks Mr. Gilham!