Let’s just say you have a running OCS server and you have a newly created child Domain.  And for whatever reason you don’t want to Deploy another OCS 2007 server.  Reasons for cost are enough.

But you’d like to leverage that server? You can.  You can enable OTHER Child domains for use in your OCS server.   You can even assign them the SAME SIP extensions for login as your regular users (provided there are no naming Conflicts).

There’s only ONE thing you have to do.  I almost missed it too.  And It was pretty obvious.

Just like in Microsoft Exchange you have to PREP the Forest and PREP the Domain.   But since your forest is already prepped, there is only one thing left to do.

PREP that child domain for OCS.  Drop in the OCS Media onto a DC controlling your child domain, the media will automatically detect the Domain has not been prepped, and indicate that in the OCS 2007 setup list.

You can still enable the users for OCS independent of this action.   But UNTIL you prep that Child Domain, no user IN that Domain will be able to login to OCS.

That’s it folks! Nothing more than that. 


The Energized Tech