Remembrance Day

So long ago
A time long forgotten
When madness
engulfed our world
Shouts of terror
Screams to Silence
So much anger
And cries of despair
Confusion and Chaos
And attempts to lay down order
Crimes of the Guilty
The Punishing of the Innocent
A time when the few
Stood up to the many
A world divided
A world united
Days long ago
When our Father’s Fathers
And Mother’s Mothers
Fought each other
And Side by Side
So that we
Their many children
Their unknown offspring
Could have today
To live
And breathe
With the Right
To say ‘NO’ to the darkness
And most importantly
To Remember
Their mistakes
Their Sacrifices
That we might stand today
And live to
learn from them
And Grow
So today
This Nov 11th
On that 11th hour
Pause for a moment
And Remember
What They did
And Gave up
For you today
Sean P. Kearney