My eyes are open and they have SEEN the LIGHT!

If you are wondering and humming and hawing about having an Open License with Microsoft and are unsure about Software Assurance?  I just found the nail to close the sale for you!

There is additional cost, and the fact that a new version “Might” get released isn’t enough for some people.  I can completely understand that.

But MDOP! the Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack for Software Assurance is MANNA from the gods! And is PART of Software Assurance!

Ok first off you get MED-V which allows you to have Virtualized legacy environments running seamlessly on the Back end so anything that is old and NEEDED can STILL run on Current technology solidly and SEAMLESSLY.  App-V as well.  These two environments alone independent of Windows 7 can bring Compatibility to levels you’ve never seen.

But to boot you get ADVANCED Group Policy Management that lets you roll out and roll back different Group Policies, Asset Inventory and Systems Center Desktop Error Monitoring.  More power to monitor and extend your networks abilities in one package.

Any ONE of these would open up my eyes like giant pancakes.

But then I met “D.A.R.T.” – the Desktop Application Recovery Toolkit.  

DART takes the Windows Recovery Environment (WINRE) and extends its wings and MAKES IT FLY!  “D.A.R.T.” builds an ISO file with more power than you could ever want.  But that Boot.WIM file it builds is ALL WinRe based.

So guess what?  With a little clicking here and there (or just a handy MDT / WDS setup in the backend?) You can boot into the GREATEST single tool to help systems repair and recover in any Environment, Enterprise or Small Business.

DART contains a Malware scanner, A strong Registry Editor, the Ability to reset Local Admin Passwords, File Undeletion, MBR repairs for the Partition, HOTFIX Removals and even a decent version of Explorer!

WinRE is a gorgeous piece of technology.  And It’s free with Windows 7 and Server 2008R2.  But adding DART to WinRE launches it like a Rocket!

If you’re considering Software Assurance?  Consider the fact the ability to Undelete files alone as a backup Data Recovery plan ALONE could more than pay for the value of Software Assurance, or an even MORE Guaranteed factor in your environment to ensuring Maximum recoverable uptime!

So my workstation is now testing out DART.  The only drawback with my Workstation being Windows 7 is it’s so darn stable?

I don’t get to see things break.

MDOP.  Seriously look into it for your organization.

the Energized Tech