Did you ever just sit back for a moment and THINK how computers have ADDED to the English Language and changed it?

I don’t me so much as “Hey I have a Spellchecker and I can actually type without know how to spell” but more the new words and slang terms that have spurred from computer people.

If you came up to somebody 15 years ago and said “I coastered one” they would have thought you went on a wild and wonderful ride!  And possibly displayed your choice of eating afterwards!  But no! You were of course referring to “Failing to properly burn a CD and turning into nothing better than a ‘coffee coaster’”.  And those of us in the field remember the turn well!  For those first generation CD Burnings were not only expensive, but so was the media. 

They sucked, they were unreliable but OH SO CUTTING EDGE! And when you burned a Disc, you were probably burning on a $35 blank.  And if you FAILED to burn it properly, you just couldn’t have the heart to throw it out, I mean after all, It WAS expensive. 

So you used them for “Nerdy Coffee Coasters”

And “Bricking” something.  I had a user look at me as if I was nuts.   “Bricking” a term very familiar to IT Pros (not so much devs) that after applying a needed update to the a manufacturer’s hardware, upon restart, it became useless.   As useless as a …. well …. BRICK.   Usually the devices that were the victims of these “Bricks” were often small too.  Cell Phones, MP3 players.   So you often did have a useless plastic Brick.

What about “Bug in the System” ? There’s an all too common term.   People accept it as a common term now.   Hard to realize it’s origins somedays!  Back in the old ancient days of TUBE based computers, when a system problem was traced down one day to being a dead moth creating static at the base of a tube!

And how about some of our more common acronyms? PEBKAC, ID10T errors, FUBAR, LOL and all the terms most people take for granted!  I still remember when “Smilies” were a secret joke shared amongst us nerdy guys.


Downloading, Ripping, Logging In, Geeking out, Getting Nerdy!  Who ever thought that being a “GEEK” about something would be considered “Trendy” or “K001” or the terms we used would become a part of everyday life.

Oh yes, that other bit.  “3117 Speak!” (“Leet Speak”)

Typing in Letter / Number combinations to form words that look so bizarre to normal humans.    Using extended members of the ASCII character set to decorate out usernames.  People accept this (especially kids!) as normal!

Now new terms are popping into the language.  “Twittering”,”Accepting a Friend”,”Social Networking”.  It IS quite hard to believe that barely two years ago NONE of these words would have been spoken by Executives at ANY Fortune 500 company.

Now if you don’t speak it, you may as well get ready for the nuthouse. 😛


W@t a w1ld 1nrfl w0rld 🙂

The Energized Tech