Completely un IT Related.  Just a thing that caught me off guard and made me say “Has the world gone mad?”

When you look up at a subway wall from a MAJOR Transit provider, offering safety tips on how to use the Escalator. 

Yes really.

Safety tips on “HOW TO USE AN ESCALATOR”.  I had to give my head a shake.  Several in fact.  And douse it with a large bucket of cold water.



Over and over the words echo inside my head.



First question, just when, WhenWHEN did this become a problem?

At what point did a NATIONAL EMERGENCY occur that people just COULD NOT FIGURE OUT how to go UP and DOWN the escalator in *SAFETY* ?

When did this crisis occur?  Was I asleep on way too many news reports?  did I doze off during the night the President and the Prime Minister and World Leaders broke news of this major problem.  That People ALL ACROSS THE WORLD had neglected to read their “Escalator Safety Manuals” ?

Come to think of it, I don’t remember reading mine.  Now that I mention it I never had one. *ACK*

Should I be worried?

All those years in K-mart and Woolworth was I SKIRTING the EDGE of disaster by NOT knowing how to be “safe” on an Escalator?  I’m just shaking in my boots!

All those daring years of my youth bolting up the wrong direction, DARING to stand on until the last step, facing the DAEMON that was the Escalator monster.  I’m surprised I’m not dead already!  Because I didn’t have ANY Escalator safety tips to save me!

I feel so comforted now, that when I go onto a subway, there is now a large friendly sign and gleaming pamphlets everywhere cautioning me of the dangers of the escalator.  Life is so much better.  I had no idea how dangerous it was!  The terrors it offered!  The deadly panic it creates!




Yes I can see it now, the new TV Horror movie of the week.

“Don’t look now…It’s in the Mall.  It’s in Office Buildings!  Rolling in Subways!”



I’m so relieved now that I’ve been alerted of this danger!  I think now that the Elevator is SO much less of a threat, I’ll play in it now.  

I mean it’s OBVIOUS the Elevator is so much safer than the ESCALATOR!  It doesn’t have ANY safety campaign launched at all!


Going mad with the world. 🙂
The Complete Loony Tech