It’s been an interesting year for this overly wired IT Pro!

Been involved with a user Group and helped deploy our new website.   Been diving into Powershell and talking about it so much my face is turning Blue!

(and with Powershell THAT is a good thing!)

I got to be involved in full scale deployment of one of the most INTERESTING and COMPLEX hardware / software setups in my Entire life, got through a nasty thing with the Taxman, spoke at one of the Biggest conferences here in Canada. TWICE!

I flew on a Plane for the first time ever And even did a Demo in front of a crowd that was acknowledge by a REAL guy at Microsoft as one of the Best he’s ever seen.

AND Boy was I blushing after that!

Who knows what life holds forward next year for any of us, but I will offer this to all of you out there.

If you take the chances and make those mistakes, you will learn and things WILL get better, even on a small level.  

And each and every one of us, in our own SMALL way can add up into a greater solution that none of us can foresee; If we only take that chance.

So in 2010, let’s look forward to the future and what it holds.  Let’s see how each and every one of us; in that small way; can shape it and brighten it for better tomorrow!

A Happy Holidays to all in HOWEVER you celebrate them 🙂

The Energized Tech