I have heard so much about Azure, about it’s abilities to run in the cloud, how even ITPros can build an Azure website. 

But more importantly about it’s ability to be controlled and SCRIPTEDrom Powershell!

I have been scrambling about like a little gerbil trying to find the darn CmdLets! 

I thought they came with the demo kit… Nooooooo.

I thought they were installed with the SDK… Noooooooooo…

I searched all over my hard drive.  COULDN’T find a reference.   But it turns out I shouldn’t have. 

You see Azure is STILL not released and the CmdLets are of course still in development.  But that’s doesn’t mean you can’t get them in Pre release stage.  Just a quick download you see.

Just head down to


It will require a little prep time.  They are after all STILL packed as code and need to be compiled.  But you don’t need to be a Developer in order to do this.  You DO need to download a copy of Visual Studio Express 2008 at least tho.  But being “Express” it’s free, and good to play with if you’re mucking about with Azure and Clouds. 

I should point out as well I compiled mine with Visual Web Developer 2010 Express Beta with no surprises.  In fact the installer did all the compiling so I really didn’t need to be a Dev at all for this step.  It followed a very simple process.

It opened up a file explorer box with a pretty obvious “STARTHERE.CMD” on the screen, I followed the dead simple Step by Step instructions, clickity clickity click and WHAMMO!  “Azure Cmdlets”

The compile was quick on my little Centrino based laptop, nothing too painful and the only complaint I had was the installer was INSISTENT on dropping my “EXECUTION POLICY” in Powershell to “UnRestricted”.

Ahem…”UnRestricted” for people using Powershell is akin to running about in a parking lot full of broken glass with your shoes and socks off without the streetlights.

But it’s a short term issue and you can turn it back to your previous state of Nirvana.

Once compiled you get introduced to some new Kids on the Block (or there I go with those Puns again) or really CmdLets

My only other complaint (being this is pre-release version, I’ll not soap box) was the fact it didn’t automatically create a nice little “Powershell Azure Prompt” which I don’t bother with anyhow since I add my Snapins to my main window as I need.   But it didn’t immediately say something like “GO THIS WAY FOR CMDLETS” which would have been nice.

But again, PRE-RELEASE! Not polished!  So the fact that it compiles and works without a hitch I forgive 😀

To fire up new the new Snapin in Powershell just type up

ADD-PSSNAPIN AzureManagementToolsSnapin

And to view your new Azure tools fire up a

GET-COMMAND –PSSNAPIN AzureManagementToolsSnapin

Which yields this box of rockin’ Shelly goodness.


So can you already see the power sitting here?  The ability to get the status of your applications and automatically (via Powershell Script) adjust your settings in the CLOUD from your system in the office if need be?

I’ll be diving a bit more into Azure now.  I may not code well (or at all to be honest) but I’m going to learn what I can about Powershell and Azure.  You see, rumor has it, an ITPro and a DEV might join forces as one in an Azure presentation.


With my head in the clouds


The Energized Tech
”The Dark Side of the Force has Cookies” 😀