Wow! This made my day!

I stumbled across a silly problem in DPM 2007 a few months back (Service Pack naming issue with 64bit and 32bit versions) and blogged about it, thinking that “If only this helps ONE person! It’ll be worth it!”


Well what do you know?

A few months after the blog Posting somebody stumbled across the same problem, did a search and stumbled across my Blog post.    And it helped them solve the problem a little faster!


So for all of you out there thinking that “Nobody will benefit from your blog post” or that “Mine isn’t good enough to be of use to anybody”



Wrong answer.  Post it.  Even if it’s “I found that doing this in the Colour Green makes things crash less for me” POST IT!


You might just discover that other’s share your problems and sometimes you’ll have a piece to the solution.

Or the whole solution, without even knowing it.


The Energized Tech