So last time we looked into making a Bootable Recovery environment from within Windows 7.   This time we’re going to see how to make one from our customized environment we created in Part 5.

So if you remember last time, with the Windows AIK installed we had created a folder structure using


In this structure there is a folder called “ISO”, this is the base structure for your ISO file.   You’ll see a SOURCES, EFI and BOOT folder.   This is just like your standard Windows 7 install media but stripped right down.

And yes, if you just copy a program or a folder to the root of this structure, it will be there when we create the ISO file

To make this a useful bootable structure with Window Recovery Environment we just have to throw the image into the SOURCES folder in the ISO structure and call it BOOT.WIM instead of WINRE.WIM

So from Part 4, we had extracted WINRE.WIM and placed it under C:WINRE; That file is what we copy to our C:WINREISOSOURCES folder


Now if you’re wondering?  If you just wanted to make a strictly Windows PE bootable disc?  Same procedure but copy the WINPE.WIM file from the same folder (COPYPE places it there by default) and put it into the ISOSOURCES folder as BOOT.WIM.

Once you have this structure under the ISO folder, with Windows AIK you can build a bootable ISO file for 32bit Windows 7 using


This will take that structure, inject the boot code from ETFSBOOT.COM and create an ISO file you can burn to disc with any of your preferred burning software.  Personally I’ve been using IMGBURN which is free to download and contains no “catch-22” in it’s operations (but you can make donations to the author via PayPal, and I encourage you to do so) and works well in just about every burning of Windows I’ve used it in (including Windows 7 *AND* Server 2008R2).   It can burn ISO files for both CD and DVD as well as file structures.

Next time we’ll take a few minutes and show you how to make THAT into a Bootable USB Flash Drive

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